Don’t you think its time you met the on-the-go, fast-paced needs of your customers?

Increase customer satisfaction while decreasing overhead with SmartBotHub™.


SmartBotHub™ is a next-generation chatbot, or Conversational Messaging User Interface (Chatbot UI), that integrates easily with any consumer or enterprise messaging application. SmartBotHub™ enables enterprise businesses to more efficiently engage with their customers and provide enhanced collaboration and efficiencies for their employees. The platform is extremely agile and incorporates such industry leading capabilities as:

  • Targeting specific user audiences and enabling best in class user experiences for the consumer or employee services with whom they interact.
  • Write a bot once and deploy on all message platforms.
  • Rich transaction data analytics dashboards so you can grow wiser in how your customers purchase and how employees work.

The Smartek21 team can help you go to market with compelling experiences for customers and improve employee productivity with SmartBotHub™!

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