You spent time and resources to make it. Now, help them find it.

Increase ROI by helping search engines and viewers find your audio, video and multimedia content with ScopraMedia™.


ScopraMedia™ is a next-generation media platform that unlocks the value of your multimedia content.

Typically, content within video, audio and multimedia assets is not “visible” to search engines. Thus, the content likely to be most engaging can be difficult to find. And once it is found, options for identifying and revisiting key information within it are limited to watching or listening to the entire content several times and remembering where specific information is located, or using imprecise slider controls.

ScopraMedia™ enriches online video, audio and multimedia presentations. It enables you to publish rich media that is easier to find, more engaging and easier to revisit. It delivers a higher return on investment for rich media by exposing relevant content within your rich media assets to your audience and search engines.

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